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Melodies of the Masters - A Celebration of Britten & Shostakovich

"Melodies of the Masters" Concert Recap!

I am still in awe of the enchanting night we experienced at the Tutan Festival Orchestra's "Melodies of the Masters" concert.

Under the magical guidance of Maestro Kevin Field and the captivating performances by Agnes Lau Hui Ping, and yours truly, we embarked on a mesmerizing journey of musical wonder.

The melodies that filled the air were nothing short of soul-stirring, resonating deep within our hearts. Every note, every crescendo, and every tender harmony painted a vivid picture of musical brilliance.

The symphony doesn't end here! I'm thrilled to announce our next musical venture, "Symphonic Stories," where music will weave tales and emotions like never before. Save the date: 2nd and 3rd December. I promise, it will be an experience etched into your memory.

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